You can return for any reason.
Yes!  We back up our products with thirty-day money back.
Thirty-day Money Back Guarantee

We do not offer any warranty service or free technical support; we simply ask you to return any merchandise that you are not satisfied with for full refund !
Your package must arrive at our door within 30 calendar days from the day
the order is placed. If it arrives after 30 calendar days or that it arrives with
physical damage or missing parts (such as missing manual, cable, disk,
etc.), no refund ($0) will be issued. You must obtain an RMA number from
us and write down the RMA number on top of the package you returned to
us; otherwise, your package will be refused.

We will not refund Freight and Handling cost for any reason. (including your
shipping when you ship back to me).*Processors, memory products, hard
drives, batteries, softwares, and item specifically mentioned "sold AS-IS" are
not covered under this thirty-day money back policy. If you are buying
quantity, it may be a good idea to try one first. Because this thirty-day money
back return service is limited to only one unit for each model purchased in
any thirty-day period..